Good Reasons For Leaving A Job

When you have decided to search for new employment, many interviewers will ask you to explain your reasons for leaving a job. Despite the fact that many answers may not make a negative impression, there are some explanations and moments that might cause the interviewer to become a little concerned about you.

4 Quick Tips – Good Reasons For Leaving A Job

1. Moving

If you have recently sold your house or moved to a new location, this is a perfectly acceptable reason for leaving job. Many times these moves cannot be avoided, such as a spouse’s relocation, leaving an unsafe neighborhood or a new marriage. The only time this might be a negative answer is if you have moved repeatedly in a short amount of time. Frequent relocations or a quick succession of jobs due to moving will make the employer question whether or not you will remain in the new position for very long.

2. Furthering Career Opportunities

Most businesses are pleased to hear that they contribute to your success in your career. This shows that you are challenging yourself to become a better employee. During your interview, you should clarify that you are not planning on constantly looking for better opportunities, because that may give the impression that you will be a short-term employee.

3. Educational Opportunities

You may have recently received a degree that would you would not have used in your previous job. This is also considered a good reason for looking for new employment. You may also be searching for an employer that will allow you to work and gain experience while you attend school. If this is the case, make it clear that you can handle both your class load and your work schedule.

4. Downsizing

With the economy being as it is, many companies need to let even their best employees go. As you look for a new job, do not hesitate to give downsizing or restructuring as a reason for leaving current job. If your previous manager or employer is willing to give you an excellent recommendation, then this will lend even more credibility to your reason.

Extra Career Tips – Reasons to Avoid

Many employers do not like to hear that you left a job because you couldn’t get along with your coworkers. They will wonder if you will cause dissent among employees if you are hired. Avoid complaining about previous work loads, because this makes it appear as though you are not willing to work hard or go the extra mile.

Many people become anxious when they have to fill in the blank about good reasons for leaving a job on an application. Analyze your situation and try to find a way to phrase it in a positive way without making it appear untrue. Employers generally understand that there are unforeseen or life-altering situations that require you to look for new employment, and they will see those as good reasons for leaving a job.